How to Take Care of Acacia Furniture

Native to Australia, acacia is an evergreen tree prized for its rapid growth and resinous hardwood, which is often used to make fine furniture. Due to its thin grain and varied colouring, furniture crafted from acacia wood lends a warm, attractive appearance to your home. Like most hardwood furniture, acacia furniture requires a bit of care to stay looking its best. With the proper care, you can keep your furniture looking as beautiful as the day you brought it home.

Position acacia furniture where it will be protected from the sun's harmful ultraviolet rays. Utilise window coverings, such as blinds or curtains, to prevent the furniture from being exposed to too much direct sunlight. Keep acacia furniture designed for outdoor use under a canopy or umbrella to prevent sun, rain or snow damage.

Use caution to avoid spilling or staining acacia furniture. Wipe any spills from the surface of the furniture immediately with a damp cloth. Moisten the cloth in a solution of warm water and mild liquid dish soap, if necessary, to clean stubborn spills or stains. Dry the furniture of any excess moisture using a soft cloth.

Apply a thin coat of wax to your acacia furniture after each cleaning to seal out moisture and restore the shine of the wood. Use a wood preservative product, furniture wax or beeswax, depending on your preference. Apply the wax product to your furniture according to product instructions.


Dust acacia furniture regularly with a soft, lint-free cloth to prevent an unsightly build-up of dust from forming.


Exposure to excess moisture can cause your acacia wood furniture to swell, warp or crack.

Things You'll Need

  • Soft cloths
  • Mild liquid dish soap
  • Wood preservative product, furniture wax or beeswax
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