How to Oil Acacia Wood Patio Furniture

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Acacia is an exotic wood from the South Pacific. It has a warm lustre, and benefits from the use of teak and tung oil, which help to keep acacia wood moist and luxurious looking. Apply teak oil to acacia wood before the it changes colour or is subjected to the elements. Always oil acacia patio furniture that is left outside year-round, for the furniture is prone to drying if not oiled annually.

Clean furniture first with a damp cloth to remove surface dust or dirt. Move the cloth over the furniture in a circular motion, applying light pressure. Use a clean cloth to polish and dry. Use a clean rag and mild soapy water for stubborn stains. Acacia wood is a naturally oily wood, and teak oil will trap any dirt or dust on the furniture if not properly cleaned first before oiling.

Add one cap-full of gentle moisturising liquid soap to a half a bucket of water and mix. Put on protective gloves and dip the rag into the bucket. Make sure to get the rag full of soap. Wipe the furniture down with the soap, not too roughly, but enough to remove stubborn surface dirt and stains. Rinse with a garden hose, and let dry.

Apply teak oil to a soft, clean cloth. Rub the oil in the direction of the grain onto acacia wood furniture. Make sure the furniture is completely dry first before oiling. Apply one light coat of oil with the cloth, or use a clean, medium-sized paintbrush. Let the oil sit for half an hour. Wipe off any remaining surplus oil with a clean rag. Make sure the entire surface of the patio furniture is coated in teak oil.

Use tung oil for acacia wood as an alternative to teak oil. Place a small amount of tung oil onto a clean white cloth and rub the oil into wood patio furniture thoroughly. Make sure the oil saturates the wood.

Dip a clean paintbrush into the tung oil. Paint the oil onto the wood in dabbing motions, making sure the oil saturates any nooks and crannies within the wood. Use the bristled end of the paintbrush for hard to reach areas of wood patio furniture. Let tung oil sit for half an hour. Wipe away excess oil with a clean rag.

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