How to clean pine furniture

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Pine is a popular choice for furniture because it is a neutral-coloured, durable wood. Just like any other piece of furniture, pine needs cleaning now and then with materials that remove dirt and residue without damaging or marking the wood.

To properly care for the pine furniture, make your own cleaner and use it when needed.

Mix a cleaning solution of three parts olive oil to one part white vinegar in a bottle with a lid. Fill the bottle as much as you like because you can store this cleaning solution and use it in the future.

Vacuum over the furniture or dust with a lint-free cloth to remove loose dust.

Drizzle about 30 ml (2 tbsp) of your homemade cleaner onto a lint-free cloth and rub the cleaner into your pine furniture. Rub with the wood grain direction. Allow the pine to air-dry. The mixture of vinegar and oil will deep clean and moisturise the wood, leaving the pine looking its best.