How to Unlock My Briefcase Combination Lock

Briefcases with combination locks are designed to prevent your briefcase from accidentally opening and also to make it more difficult for unauthorised individuals to access the contents inside the briefcase. With the proper combination you can open the locked briefcase. If you have the patience you can go through the 1,000 possible combinations that a briefcase combination lock has with a three-digit wheel.

Locate the combination lock mechanism on the front of the briefcase near the handle. If your briefcase has a combination lock for each end, start with the one on the left. If you have completely forgotten your combination, skip directly to Step 5.

Spin the first number wheel farthest to the left to the first number of the combination. The number should be stopped in the centre of the wheel. Spin the second number wheel to the second number of the combination.

Spin the third wheel to the third number of the combination. You may hear a small click when this number is lined up in the centre. Repeat Steps 2 and 3 on the second combination lock wheel if your briefcase is equipped with two.

Press the small button on the upper corner of the combination lock mechanism while lifting up the locking latch. If your briefcase has two combination lock mechanisms, hold down each one's button at the same time while lifting up the locking latches. The briefcase will pop open. If it does not, verify that the proper combination numbers are centred in the proper order on the combination mechanism.

Set the combination lock wheels all to "0" and attempt to open the briefcase. Then try with the combination of "001." Continue in sequential order, trying each until the briefcase opens. For example, after "001" you would try "002" and so on until it opens or you reach "999."


For additional security, if your briefcase has two combination lock mechanisms, you should if possible make each mechanism's combination different, adding another level of security to the locks.


Opening a locked briefcase that is not your own property may be considered illegal activity without the consent of the owner of the briefcase.

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