Which CV joint is clicking if turning left?

cycle image by Dozet from Fotolia.com

The CV joint is responsible for transferring the power of the engine to the wheel. The CV joint is made up of numerous bearings that allow the wheel to flex and turn as needed. However, these bearings can wear, requiring the joint to be replaced.

Left Turn Clicking

Most often, the CV joint that is clicking when making a left turn is the right outer CV joint as the right wheel is under the most stress. However, the left outer CV joint might also make a clicking noise during a left turn if it is very worn.

CV Joint Testing

To determine which joint is bad, listen to the CV joint while driving left slowly in a tight circle. Bad CV joints will typically make a loud popping or clicking, but at low speeds the noise may not be as loud. If needed, a helper listening outside of the car can aid in identifying which side is making noise.


When a CV joint is clicking, it is a sign that the joint is worn and needs to be replaced. Though a CV joint may last for some time while clicking, a failed CV joint can cause a loss of steering and result in a serious accident. Whenever a CV joint is heard clicking, it should be promptly replaced for safety.