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How to Remove the Oven Door from a Moffat Self-Cleaning Stove

Occasionally, it is necessary to remove an oven door from a free-standing range. Although it is not normally recommended, it can be done, provided you are strong enough to work with the bulky door. You may find it easier to work with two people both in removing the door and in replacing it. These directions should work with most models from the Moffat line.

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  1. Open the oven door and look at the sides by the hinges. Open the door completely so that it is sitting at a 90 degree angle to the stove. Both hinges will need to be disengaged so that you can pull the door off.

  2. Pull down the hinge locks at the top of the hinge assembly. These are tight and will snap back, so be careful. Use the hinge release pins that came with your stove or a nail or screw to hold them back outside the frame of the stove. You might find it easier to use a flathead screwdriver to pry them out instead of your fingers.

  3. Close the door slowly until it stops at the grill position. Whatever you are using to hold the hinge lock open will also keep the door from closing all the way. Using two people, if possible, hold the door at the top and bottom of either side and lift straight up. It will release from the hinge assembly.

  4. Place the door flat on the floor with the inside face facing down. Do not remove whatever you used to hold the hinges in the unlocked position. Keep it unlocked until after you reinstall the door.

  5. Clean out the oven or make the repairs you needed. Replace the door carefully, sliding it over the hinge assembly. Lay it flat as you did initially and remove whatever you used to hold the hinge in the unlocked position. It should snap back into the locked position and you can close your oven door.

  6. Warning

    Keep your fingers clear of the hinge lock or you can hurt yourself.

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Things You'll Need

  • Hinge release pins or nails
  • Flathead screwdriver

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