How to Remove a Lens From Partial Frame Eyeglasses

Updated April 17, 2017

When attempting to thoroughly clean your glasses, or replacing a scratched lens, the original lens must be removed from the eyeglass frame. This procedure, which requires more concentration when performed on demi- or half-frame glasses than on traditional full frames, can be accomplished in just a few minutes and with a minimum of tools.

Place a towel over your work area to avoid your lenses getting scratched, damaged or bouncing off the surface.

Hold the frame firmly with your non-dominant hand. Open the frame, if its arms are folded.

Hold a thumbtack or pin in your dominant hand and insert it between the frame and the lens, right beneath the nose pad and where the nylon wire and frame meet.

Wiggle the thumbtack back and forth and towards the bottom of the lens, where the lens adheres to the frame. The lens will eventually pop out.


Be careful when inserting the thumbtack or pin, or you may end up stabbing yourself.

Things You'll Need

  • Thumbtack or pin
  • Towel
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