How to Program a Dreambox 500

Updated April 17, 2017

The Dream Multimedia DM 500 HD Dreambox is a receiver that receives cable and satellite digital TV and radio programming. It has a 400MHz processor, 256 MB of RAM, and an eSATA jack to attach an external hard drive. The Dreambox allows unlimited channel lists for television or radio, and channel change time is less than one second. It allows you to switch the receiver input from multiple low-noise blocks (LNBs) to receive programming from a number of satellites.

Press the "Menu Button" on the remote control and press "Setup." Press the "OK" button. Highlight "System Settings" and press "OK." Scroll down On-Screen Display (OSD) language and press "OK." Highlight your language for the OSD. Press "OK" to activate it, then "Exit."

Press the "Menu Button" on the remote and select "Setup." Press the "OK" button. Choose "System Settings" and press "OK." Press "Time Settings" and "OK." Highlight "Timezone Configuration" and press "OK." Press the "OK" button again to get a list of time zones. Scroll through the time zones until you find yours and press "OK." Highlight "Save" and press "OK" to save your time zone.

Press the "Menu Button" on the remote control and press "Setup." Press the "OK" button. Highlight "Service Searching" and press "OK." Highlight "Automatic Transponder Scan" and press "OK." Select your satellite or cable provider in the drop-down menu and press "OK." You will see the Signal-to-Noise ratio, Automatic Gain Control and Bit Error Rate of the transponder the Dreambox has located. Highlight "Start Scan" and press "OK." The Dreambox will scan the transponder and report the TV, radio, and data services it has located.

Press the "Menu Button" on the remote and select "Setup." Press "OK." Highlight "System Organizing" and press "OK." The Dreambox allows you to organise your programming into groups, called "bouquets." Highlight "Create New Bouquet" and press "OK." Enter a name for the new bouquet using the remote control. The yellow "Options Button" will toggle between capital and lower-case letters and the blue "Options Button" will toggle between letters and numbers. When you have named your bouquet, press "OK." Highlight "Add Services To Bouquet" and press "OK." Select a bouquet type from TV, Radio and File. Press "OK." Select the provider, press "OK" and select your services. After highlighting each new service to add to the bouquet, press the "OK" button. Previously selected services are highlighted in red. Press the "Exit" button when you have selected all your services.

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