Lascal Buggy Board Instructions

Updated July 18, 2017

The Lascal company specialises in products that help you transport your small child. The Buggy Board refers to one of Lascal's signature models. It features a platform that allows your older child to ride on the back of your infant's stroller, enabling you to keep track of your children as you navigate through crowded sidewalks. According to Lascal, the Buggy Board remains ideal for children who are around 2 years of age. The Buggy Board can safely hold a child who weighs up to 20kg.

Place the platform of the Buggy Board lengthwise on a flat work table. Locate the elongated arms of the Buggy Board. Examine the base of the arms to find a threaded bolt. Insert the arm bolts into the cylinders found at the top of the platform.

Rotate the corresponding knobs in a clockwise direction to fasten the arms to the platform. Flip the platform upside down and place it onto the worktable. Locate the wheel holes found on the underside of the platform. Insert the metallic legs of the wheels into the holes. Apply downward pressure until the legs lock in place.

Remove the paper backing from the friction tape that has been included with the Buggy Board. Fasten the tape around the tubing that runs between the rear wheels of your infant's stroller. Avoid placing the tape near the moving components of the stroller. Locate the safety straps of the Buggy Board. Wrap the strap around the friction tape.

Insert the opposing end of the strap into the tightening mechanism. Rotate the base of the tightening mechanism in a clockwise direction to fasten the safety straps in place. Locate the red cottar pins. Insert the cottar pins through the corresponding holes found near the base of the Buggy Board arms.

Fasten the cottar pins into the locking mechanism of the safety straps. Apply downward pressure to the platform until it sits parallel with the floor. Examine the construction of the Buggy Board by having your small child stand on the platform. Make any necessary adjustments by loosening the cottar pins and repositioning the safety straps.

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