How to Install a Bell Bike Rack


Biking is a great sport and a fun way for the family to enjoy time together while exercising. Being able to go somewhere new to bike can keep it an enjoyable treat.

Bell makes an excellent series of bike racks that are easy to install, are long lasting and will let you and your family take your bikes with you anywhere you go. You can install a bell bike rack in about five minutes and you are ready to see the world.

Remove the Bell bike rack from the box and unwrap all the packing and plastic or foam wrapping used to protect the corners of the bike rack during shipping.

Hold the Bell bike rack by the two tubes at the "bottom" of the rack. These tubes will have two black foam pads attached to them. Pull the tubes apart like you were pulling up a beach chair.

Turn your Bell bike rack right side up again. Remove the rubber bands from the four straps (two on the top and two on the bottom).

Hold the bike rack against the boot of your car with the pads on the surface of the car. If your car is a sedan model, one tube will rest on the top of the boot and one tube will rest on the side of the boot. If you have a minivan or SUV, both tubes will rest on the back glass of the trunk's door. Pull the two arms (these are not connected and support the bikes) of the bike rack until they are pointed away from your vehicle. You should be able to imagine placing your bike on these arms and having the bike's tires appear to be upright, just floating above the ground. The arms of the rack will then be parallel to the ground.

Take two of the straps and run them from the bike rack up to the hinge of your boot. Open your boot slightly and insert the two clips at the end of the straps into the space between the boot lid and the frame of your car. Close the boot and tug on the straps a bit to make sure the clips are firmly caught between the lid and the frame of the boot. Tighten the straps by pulling the strap ends through the buckles on each strap. Tighten the strap just enough to hold your Bell bike rack in place.

Attach the remaining two straps to the bottom of your boot lid by holding each clip in place so it is hooked around the bottom edge of the door and tightening the strap until it remains in place by itself.

Tighten all the straps as far as they will go. Tug on the body of the bike rack to make sure you cannot move the bike rack. Some models have additional side straps; if yours has these, open the boot lid again and insert the clips for these straps between the sides of the boot lid and the frame of the car. Shut the lid and tighten.