Difference Between UK & US King Size Duvets

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Duvets are soft, flat blankets usually filled with down, feathers or synthetic fibres. Duvets are popular in Europe as a simple bed covering, replacing many other parts of the bedding including sheets, quilts and blankets. Standard bedding sizes and naming conventions vary considerably around the world.

The United States and United Kingdom share similar naming styles for bedding but the names refer to different physical dimensions. While each have a mattress and bedding size called "king," they do not refer to the same size mattress.

Standard sizing names

The United States has five standard bed sizes: twin, full, queen, king and California king. The United Kingdom has four standard size: single, double, king and super king.

UK King Size & US Queen Size

The United Kingdom's king size duvet is the same size as the United State's standard queen size duvet. Both are 88 x 86 inches, or 225 x 220 centimetres.

US King Size & UK Super King

In the United States, all king size duvets are 102 x 86 inches, which is comparable to the UK super king size, which is 260 x 220 centimetres. The United States' California king size has no equivalent and is longer than it is wide at 114 x 106 inches, or 290 x 270 centimetres.

International Equivalents

The European king size duvet is similar but not exactly the same as the UK king and US queen sizes. At 240 x 220 centimetres, the European king size is between the UK king and super king sizes. A super king size is also sold in Europe, and it is the same dimensions as its UK namesake. Australia has a different sizing standard, which falls between the US and UK king sizes. At 240 x 210 centimetres, the Australian king size is larger than the UK king but smaller than the US and European king sizes.