How to Replace Canvas on Director Chairs

Jack Hollingsworth/Valueline/Getty Images

Folding director's chairs with canvas backs and seats are a popular style of furniture for outdoor and indoor use. They are portable, durable and, if the canvas becomes stained or worn, easily repaired. Replacement backs and seats are available through many stores and online retailers.

Remove the old canvas from the chair. Fold the chair halfway and slide the back canvas off the top off of the chair frame. Flip the arms down and away from the seat to access the side edges. The seat will be attached to a rod that is slid into rails in the wood frame of the chair on either side, under the arms. Slide the canvas forward and note if the rails are round or squared off.

Measure both pieces of old canvas from the chair. While a replacement piece for the back can be slightly shorter or longer than the original, the seat must be properly measured for fit.

Purchase new canvas in the dimensions you have noted and with the dowel style of the original seat.

Replace the canvas in your chair. Fold the chair and flip the arms down. Slide the new seat canvas dowels into the proper grooves in the chair. Pull the arms up, concealing the side edges of the seat. Slide the back canvas over the posts of the chair frame.

Fully open the chair and set the brace into a locked position.