How to Connect a Home Alarm to Wireless Internet

Updated July 20, 2017

Connecting a wireless home alarm to your wireless Internet is an excellent way of making your home more secure. With your home alarm system connected to your wireless Internet system, you can remotely monitor your home or give others (such as your children) access to doing the same. In addition, you can check up on your home's security status and get video on your home's interior at any time as long as you have Internet access.

Hook up the security system to your computer via the connection that you have available on your security system's receiver. This will be a firewire, USB, etc. Install any drivers to which you are prompted, as well. If you cannot figure out how to connect the receiver to the computer or you experience problems with the drivers, look up your security system model online to find the solution.

Go to your computer's control panel and select "Power Options." Set your computer to never turn off or sleep or hibernate automatically. This sets up your computer to function as your security-system server.

Get streaming software. Search the Internet for "Streaming Application Software" to download it at no cost. Select the one you want and download it. Or you can opt to purchase streaming software.

Read the instructions for your new software to see how you must configure your computer to run the program. Usually, you will need to set your computer to function as the security-system server; have a static IP; and have a file folder to your webcam on your desktop.

Set your static IP. Choose "Control Panel," then choose "Network Connections," then right-click the network that you use. Copy your IP address. Go back to your main control panel and open "Internet Protocol." Instruct your computer to use an IP address consisting of your IP address with the numeral "1" added to the end. In the event that you get an error for this, just keep adding another "1."

Place the file connecting your computer to your webcam in a public folder and put a password on it. Only give this password to others whom you trust with monitoring your home.


When setting your static IP, you might have to configure your firewall to permit the application.


When downloading the streaming application software from the Internet, make sure that it is not spyware.

Things You'll Need

  • Wireless security system
  • Computer with webcam and wireless Internet connection


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