Bosch Washing Machine Operating Instructions

Updated February 21, 2017

Bosch is a multinational German technology corporation specialising in aviation, automation, packaging, security and home appliances. You might need instructions for your Bosch washing machine if you are using the machine for the first time in a friend or family member's home. Bosch washing machines are similar in design and operation to many other domestic washers and are not difficult to learn. It will take about five minutes to get your first load started.

Prepare the laundry for your first load. Make sure pockets are empty and clothes are free of dust and lint. Arrange clothes of similar colour, soiling and wash instructions for your load.

Open the door of the washing machine. Place the clothes inside the drum so they sit loosely. Use a mix of large and small items. Make sure not to pack the drum full of clothes or the machine may become unbalanced and have trouble cleaning the clothes.

Close the door firmly, making sure no items are trapped in the door seal. Pull open the detergent draw and add the correct amount of soap for your cycle in the leftmost compartment. If you are using a soap powder you will need to lift out the cup adaptor out from the detergent compartment. The middle section is for fabric softener and the furthest right is for bleach. Follow instructions on your detergent and fabric softener for appropriate amounts. Make sure to close the door tightly when you are finished.

Rotate the large dial on the control panel until the black mark is lined up with your desired cycle. There are several automatic cycles and special programmes. The one you choose will depend on the material inside the drum.

Press the "Start/Pause" button twice. The cycle will start and the machine will begin filling. The door will automatically unlock when the cycle is complete allowing you to remove your clothes.

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