How to use fresh yeast in bread machines

Zoonar/S.Heap/Zoonar/Getty Images

Fresh yeast, prized by commercial bakers, is also known as cake or live yeast. It requires refrigeration until use and has a much shorter shelf life than dried yeast. You can substitute fresh yeast for dry in your bread machine recipes, but you must adjust your recipes to ensure success.

Fresh yeast is more delicate than dried yeast and requires a lower liquid temperature to avoid killing the live yeast.

Break apart the fresh yeast into three pieces to create 20 g (2/3 oz) pieces.

Use one piece for every 1 litre (4 cups) of flour in your bread machine recipe.

Measure the amount of liquids required in your recipe and use a thermometer to ensure they are at 27 degrees C (80F).

Add the ingredients in the order required by your bread machine, crumbling the yeast on top of the dry ingredients last.

Set your bread machine for the regular baking cycle only. Do not use express or delayed timer settings.