How to Use a Panasonic SD253 Bread Maker

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The Panasonic SD-253 is a countertop bread maker that just about anyone can use. This bread maker includes easy-to-follow instructions, automatic features and various bread options, such as Italian, French, whole wheat and pizza. With a compact design and user-friendly controls, the Panasonic SD-253 allows you to make homemade, fresh bread whenever you want. This bread maker also saves time and hassle by kneading and mixing the dough. For product and food safety, carefully read the Panasonic SD-253 instructions before use.

Take inventory of all ingredients and tools.

Turn the bread pan counterclockwise by the handle. Pull up to remove the bread pan from the unit.

Clear the kneading blade and kneading shaft of any breadcrumbs, then insert the blade into the kneading shaft. The kneading blade is designed to fit somewhat loosely.

Pour easy-blend or fast-action yeast into the bread pan. Add flour and all other dry ingredients. Place the yeast at the bottom of the pan.

Pour the water and any other liquids into the yeast.

Place the bread pan inside the bread maker making sure the pan touches the bottom of the unit, then fold down the handle and close the lid.

Position the unit on a sturdy surface, away from a table or countertop edge. Plug the bread maker into an electrical socket that is between 230 and 240 volts.

Select the size, crust and bake desired. The preset bread settings for the Panasonic SD-253 are "Basic Bake," "XL" and "Medium Crust." For this option, press "Start."

Press "Select," followed by the arrow buttons to choose a customisable bread setting -- a specific type of bread, such as Italian, French, wheat, pizza or sandwich. Then press "Option" to choose a baking mode. Choose between "Bake," "Bake Rapid," "Bake Raisin" and "Dough," among others. Press "Size" to choose a specific bread size, followed by "Crust" to choose either a "Light," "Medium" or "Dark" crust. Each choice will be visible on the display, and the chosen setting will flash.

Press the "Start/Stop" button to begin baking; a red light will come on. Press and hold the "Start/Stop" button to cancel the baking or adjust the settings.

Press "Start/Stop" when the bread maker beeps eight times and the light flashes; this signifies that the bread is done. Put on oven gloves, open the lid and remove the bread pan.

Turn the bread pan upside down and shake several times to remove the bread. Place the bread on a wire rack to cool.

Unplug the bread maker from the socket. Allow an hour of cool down before using the unit again.

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