Cella sticker maker instructions


The translucent pink- or blue-coloured machines manufactured by Tomy and known as Cella Sticker Machines transform photographs or images into repositionable stickers with the twist of the machine's dial. Refill cartridges are available for the sticker maker machine. Kits include premade designs to use while learning how to operate the machine. According to Tomy, children 5 years old and above can operate the Cella Sticker Machine. The stickers also can be used for scrapbooking and to decorate notebooks and accessories.

Cut out the images, such as a photographs, fabric, newspaper or magazine pictures, you want to make into a sticker. Cut away jagged edges to ensure the sticker has a clean frame all around the image. The width of the image should not exceed 6.2 cm (2 1/2 inches). Otherwise, the image won't pass smoothly through the machine's cartridge opening.

Insert the image through the machine's centre opening, which appears roller-like. Feed the image through the rollers.

Turn the dial once in a forward motion. The image will pass through the sticker maker cartridge. Do not turn the dial backward. The image will jam and most likely damage the machine. The nonpermanent adhesive is applied directly onto the image, transforming it into the repositionable sticker.

Remove empty cartridges. Hold the machine with one hand by the preattached handle. Remove the empty cartridge by gently sliding it out of the Cella machine. When the sticker adhesive runs out, the cut-out image will not have the backing.

Insert a refill cartridge by sliding it back into position. You will most likely hear a click sound, indicating the cartridge is locked into position. Ensure you replace the empty cartridge with a Cella sticker adhesive refill cartridge to avoid damage to the machine with nonbranded cartridges.

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