Roman soldier helmet crafts

Updated July 19, 2017

One of ancient Rome's greatest achievements was that it created the world's first professional, paid army. Only men who were at least 20 years old could join and were required to stay in the army for 25 years. This army conquered most of Europe and the territories around the Mediterranean Sea, which Rome held for 500 years.

Bicycle helmet

Create a Roman soldier helmet from a bicycle helmet. Cover the helmet with aluminium foil to give it a metallic appearance. Cut a toilet paper roll in half and cover that with aluminium foil also. Stick a few large feathers into the tube and secure by taping the feathers to the inside of the tube. Hot glue the toilet paper roll to the top of the helmet. If it is unstable, you can stabilise it with silver duct tape.

Baseball cap

Spray paint a standard baseball cap in metallic gold or yellow spray paint. Cut a piece of foam core (foam board) into a "C" that will contour the cap. Spray paint this piece the same colour as the cap. Attach the foam core "C" to the top of the cap. You can have it run either horizontally or vertically depending on your preference. Stick feathers into the edge of the foam core. Secure with glue if necessary.

Construction paper

Create a Roman soldier helmet from grey construction paper. Make a headband from construction paper by cutting a 5 cm (2 inch) wide band that is as long as necessary to fit around the wearer's head. Make an "+" out of two more strips of grey construction paper. Staple the four "legs" of the "+" strips to the inside of the headband. There should now be a headband for around the forehead and a "cap" that has been created with the "+" paper. Add two construction paper ovals around where the ears would be. The ovals should hang below the headband against the wearer's face.

Papier-mache helmet

Create a Roman soldier helmet from newspaper and other simple material. Blow-up a balloon until it is the size of a human head. Tear newspaper into strips and lay the strips in white craft glue in a shallow bowl. Put the strips on the balloon in overlapping layers -- at least five layers thick -- until the entire surface of the balloon is covered. When dry, pop the balloon with a pin and cut the papier mache into the shape of a Roman helmet. Cut the base so a head can fit inside and cut eye holes so the wearer can see. Cut slits below the eye open to mimic the metal face guard of Roman helmets. Spray paint the helmet silver and add a feather on top by poking it through the helmet; trim and glue as necessary.

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