How to Find The Year of a Yamaha Dirt Bike

Updated February 21, 2017

The first Yamaha dirt bike manufactured was the DT1 made in 1968. All dirt bikes from 1968 to 1980 can be identified with a 15-digit serial number. In 1981 the National Highway Traffic and Safety commission initiated a standardised 15-digit vehicle identification number for all motor vehicles that required specific information in designated locations. This VIN can be used to identify the model year. The serial number or VIN number can be located on the head, motor or title of the dirt bike.

Locate the serial number or VIN on the dirt bike head, motor or on the title. Check to see if the number has dashes or spaces. If it has dashes or spaces it is a pre-1981 dirt bike--this number is a serial number. If it doesn't have dashes, it was manufactured after 1981 and this number is a VIN.

Compare a serial number to the serial number table. The table may be arranged by model and year. Count to the 10th digit of a 15-digit VIN. A VIN does not use the letters I, O or Q to eliminate confusion

Compare the 10th digit to the following table to determine the model year:

1981 -- A

1982 -- B

1983 -- C

1984 -- D

1985 -- E

1986 -- F

1987 -- G

1988 -- J

1989 -- K

1990 -- L

1991 -- M

1992 -- N

1993 -- P

1994 - R

1995 -- S

1996 -- T

1997 -- V

1998 -- W

1999 -- X

2000 -- Y

2001 -- 1

2002 -- 2

2003 -- 3

2004 -- 4

2005 -- 5

2006 -- 6

2007 -- 7

2008 -- 8

2009 -- 9

2010 - A


Use an online VIN decoder for complete information contained in the VIN.

Things You'll Need

  • Model of Dirt bike
  • Serial number or VIN
  • Table with model year details for serial numbers
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