Top Gun Suspension Forks

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Suspension forks connect a motorcycle's or bicycle's front wheel to its frame. The wheel connects to the frame via triple clamps, which are solid points connecting the suspension fork. Suspension forks allow a bicycle rider to balance the bike.

Suspension forks are primarily found on mountain bikes because of irregular terrain requiring more shock absorption. Top Gun Suspension forks come in a wide array of styles and types. Scott USA and Carrera are two companies that use Top Gun forks standard on most bicycle models. Suspension forks are available for separate purchase and aftermarket application.

TGS Elephant-A-B

Bike riders measure the amount of suspension that a suspension fork provides by the "inches of travel." The Top Gun TGS Elephant-A-B suspension fork needs a 20 millimetre hub and a disc brake, according to British Mountain Bikes. This stiff but smooth suspension fork costs the least, which makes it ideal for mountain bikers on a budget. The A version costs more and includes an oil damper. The A version's inches of travel reaches seven inches. The less expensive version lacks an oil damper, with only six inches of travel.

TGS 99DHA-99DHB Suspension

The TGS 99DHA-99DHB does not require a 20 millimetre hub. The oil damper includes a rebound adjustment. This suspension fork contains one-piece sliders with disc tabs. The 99 DHA sports six inches of travel and an oil damper, while the 99DHB affords five inches of travel and no oil damper.

TGS 2003 Suspension

The TGS 2003 -- the sturdiest of all the top gun suspension forks -- contains a coiled MCU-spring. The A version includes the oil damper that version B lacks.

TGS 028AL-AD-SA-E Suspension

The budget-conscious TGS 028AL-AD-SA-E contains steel stanchions, a forged allow crown and a one-piece lower leg. Even cheaper are the TGS 207AD-SA-E, which contain two-piece lower legs. Otherwise, the TGS 028AL-AD-SA-E and the TGS 207AD-SA-E are identical.

TGS 207AD-SA-E Suspension

The TGS 207AD-SA-E, released in 2002 contains a magnesium slider, which reduces the weight of the suspension fork. This smooth suspension fork includes adjustable compression. The coil-MCU spring features preload adjustment. This suspension fork only comes in silver.