Honda hr216 specs

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While Honda may have become famous for their automobiles and motorcycles, Honda has been producing approximately 500,000 lawnmowers every year for sale in the global market. All Honda lawnmowers have either a GXV or GCV engine that provides high performance and low fuel consumption with a clean emissions exhaust.

The HR216 model was a rotary mower first produced in the mid-1980s that typically came with a two-year warranty.


The engine in the Honda HR216 is a 163-cubic-centimetre single-cylinder, four-stroke with an overhead valve and a bore and stroke of 2.7 inches by 1.8 inches. The engine operates with an oil capacity of .69 quarts and a fuel capacity of .53 gallons. The ignition on the mower is a transistorised magneto with a timing of 20 degrees BTDC.


The HR216 mower has an overall length of 66.9 inches, an overall height of 42.1 inches, and an overall width of 22.4 inches. The mower has a cutting width of 20.9 inches and a six-position cutting height ranging from 5/8 of an inch to 3 inches. The dry weight of the mower is 48.5 Kilogram, and it has a grass bag capacity of 19.3 gallons.


The mower came with several controls for operation. The throttle control on the HR216 may shift from choke and stop to high and low for cranking. A roto-stop lever is on the handle of the mower to control blade operation and a drive clutch lever is also on the handle for propulsion. The HR216 includes a shift lever to control the speed of the mower.