How to Adjust the Chain on a Tiger 1050

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Triumph manufactures the Tiger 1050cc motorcycle. This model is a sport-touring bike that provides comfort for long rides. Motorcycle chains transfer the energy from the engine to the rear wheel for motion. The chain requires enough tension so it does not sag but isn’t so tight that it makes the rear wheel hard to turn. Chains that are too loose can bend the wheel sprockets, and chains that are too tight heat up with additional friction and can break. Triumph recommends the vertical chain movement be 35 to 40mm for the best operational results.

Park the motorcycle and place it on the side kickstand.

Place an adjustable wrench on the left rear wheel spindle nut. This is the largest nut on the left side of the back wheel. Turn the wrench counterclockwise to loosen the nut, but do not remove it. Loosen the right-side rear wheel spindle nut in the same manner.

Place an adjustable wrench on the left-side locknut of the chain adjuster bolt. The locknut is in front of the rear wheel adjuster bolt. Turn the locknut counterclockwise about two revolutions to loosen it. Repeat this action to loosen the right-side locknut.

Turn the adjuster bolt on the left side of the bike clockwise to loosen the chain and count the number of turns. Loosen the chain on the right side of the bike by the same number of turns. Turn the adjuster bolts on each side the same number of turns counterclockwise to tighten the chain.

Tighten the two locknuts clockwise on each side of the bike to retain the chain tension. Tighten the rear wheel spindle nut on each side of the motorcycle.

Hold a metric ruler up to the chain. Move the bottom portion of the chain down with one hand and measure the vertical movement of the chain. It should move between 35 and 40mm. Make any additional adjustments to loosen or tighten the chain to these Triumph specifications.

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