The Specifications for a Stihl Chainsaw 028 AV

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The Stihl 028 AV chainsaw was first introduced in 1977. This mid-range chainsaw is best used for cutting firewood but may also be used to clear thick branches and for general maintenance.

Engine Displacement and Weight

The Stihl 028 AV chainsaw has an engine displacement of 2.62 cubic inches. Its weight varies depending on the bar and chain used. The chainsaw with a 13-inch bar and chain, for example, weighs 6.3kg.

Handlebar and Construction

The 028 AV has an antivibration handlebar system, so the vibrations at the handles are significantly reduced. This is due to the dampening of the oscillations from the chainsaw's engine. The 028 AV is constructed of die cast magnesium.

Fuel Tank Capacity and Fuel Oil Ration

The fuel tank capacity of the 028 AV chainsaw is 1.1 pints, and it has a fuel-to-oil mix ratio of 40:1.

Guide Bars and Color Scheme

The shortest guide bar available for the 028 AV is 13 inches, and the longest is 21 inches. The chainsaw's colour scheme is primarily grey with a red top and red air filter cover.

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