How to decorate a pink bathroom sink toilet & tub

Selecting accessories to complement your basic bathroom fixtures creates a harmonious room design. A room featuring a pink bathroom sink, toilet and tub offers a limited range of choices for decorating. While pink bathroom fixtures were once popular, a pink toilet, sink and tub tend to dominate the room. To update a pink bathroom, geometric patterns or accessories in neutral colours offer a contemporary look. Playing up the pink-dominated bathroom with solid-colour decorative accents provides the means to make the most of the colour scheme.

Change the toilet seat to black or wood. This will help break up the pink. Black allows you to create either a vintage or a contemporary look in the bathroom. A wooden toilet seat -- for example, an oak seat -- provides the contrast of a natural material and coordinates well with a spa look of natural materials and neutral colours.

Add a rug to the bathroom. Select a geometric pattern, such as black and white squares or a solid neutral-colour rug, such as a tan rug to coordinate with an oak toilet seat.

Select a scarf or fabric place mat in a neutral colour to drape over the top of the toilet tank. Neutral colours include black, white, cream and shades of tan, grey, brown and taupe.

Add accessories such as a toothbrush holder, wastebasket and vase in metal or a neutral colour to coordinate with the other new elements of your bathroom decor. A set of accessories will provide contrast to the pink fixtures. For example, add chrome accessories, pottery or crocks. Set the toothbrush holder on the sink, the wastebasket near the toilet and the vase on the toilet tank or next to the sink.

Drape a neutral bathmat over the edge of the pink bathtub to break up the solid pink colour. Add a matching shower curtain, if you have the type of shower or tub-and-shower combination that requires a curtain.


Hang big, plush neutral towels in the bathroom to create a luxurious look. The solid blocks of colour will create a new mass of colour in the room to tone down the pink sink, toilet and tub.

Things You'll Need

  • Scarf or soft-fabric place mat
  • Non-slip rug
  • Matching accessories such as toothbrush holder, wastebasket
  • Vase
  • Neutral bathmat
  • Neutral shower curtain (option)
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