How to decorate with purple & brown

Updated February 21, 2017

Purple and brown is a creative and eye-catching decor duo. The inspired colour combination will infuse any room in your home with elegance and charm. Both colours offer a wide range of shades, from rich chocolate brown to taupe and dark purple to soothing lavender. Choose a shade pairing that reflects your personality, decor or overall home colour scheme. If you're on a budget, work a few brown and purple pieces into a neutral colour scheme to make a big impact with little money.

Select a brown and purple colour scheme. Choose a dark espresso or chocolate and a medium purple hue for a rich, regal look. Or go with a taupe and lavender combination for a subdued and sophisticated look.

Incorporate a light, neutral hue into your decor to act as a fresh intermediary colour by painting bedroom or living room walls white or cream to set the stage for purple and brown accents.

Decorate with purple and brown textiles. Choose a plush couch and chair set featuring chocolate brown upholstery with swirls or stripes of dark purple, lavender and white. Drape a lavender cashmere blanket over the back of the couch as a comfortable and stylish touch. Enhance a bed with a silky brown comforter and an assortment of purple and lavender velvet pillows for a luxurious look. Place a plush purple area rug on wood or tile floors to pull the colour scheme together.

Enhance the space with brown and purple accessories. Place lavender soy candles on a bathroom vanity table or wall shelf to add a soft colour and scent. Hang a framed watercolour painting of brown and purple flowers on a bedroom or living room wall. Arrange brown dried flowers in a purple vase.

Accent the room with touches of gold, which will make a brown and purple combination look even more opulent. Hang purple taper candle-filled gold wall sconces on either side of a bed or couch. Suspend a gold chandelier featuring clear crystals from a ceiling. Drape plush purple bath towels over shiny gold racks.

Things You'll Need

  • White or cream wall paint
  • Brown and purple couch cushions and decorative pillows
  • Brown and purple candles and artwork
  • Gold accents
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