How to market an errand service

Updated November 21, 2016

To service people with busy lives, errand running can be a viable business. According to Entrepreneur Magazine, an errand service is a low-cost business that is operated with just a cell phone and reliable transportation. Some of the errands that you can run as part of this business include picking up food and laundry for customers, buying gifts, taking care of pets and going to the post office. There are many ways to market your errand running services, so try out several ideas and find the ones that work best for you.

Develop a website for your errand service business. Hire an experienced copywriter and graphic designer to help you create a website that outlines your service offerings, pricing options and contact information. Communicate a "first-time customer" special, in which you give deals and discounts to new clients, who may become loyal customers.

Purchase promotional items, such as business cards, pens, stationary and magnets, that contain your business name and contact information. Pass them out to people in office buildings and everywhere you go to market your errand services.

Create a brochure that explains the errand services that you provide, the benefits customers receive by using your company and your contact information. Go door-to-door and pass out the brochures to homes and businesses in your area, pin them to community notice boards and ask friends to pass some out for you. Visit senior citizen centres and other places where there may be a large market for your errand services.

Go to local networking events. Attend chamber of commerce meetings and visit other places where small business owners in your town congregate to spread the word about your services while obtaining good marketing tips.

Market your errand services on social networking websites like Facebook and Twitter (see the Resources section). Announce your business and ask your contacts to help spread the word about your services. Offer a free service to anyone whose referral becomes a customer.

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