Salary: cardiac electrophysiology in the UK Images

A cardiac electrophysiologist is an expert on how the heart functions. Called “EPs” for short, these specialists handle the diagnosis and treatment of irregular heart rhythms and related disorders. They carry out surgery involving the implanting of pacemakers and other cardiac devices.

They also act as consultants to other medical staff and interact with patients one-to-one.


A research level graduate with a PhD and experience in the filed can expect a salary of between £33k to £35k per year. A cardiac nurse practitioner involved in cardiac electrophysiology can earn between £30k to £40k per year. A consultant can command a salary of between £75k to £101k per year either working for a privately run hospital or for the National Health Service (NHS).


Cardiac electrophysiologist carry out call duties and consult with patients regarding diagnosis and treatments. They perform surgery involving the implanting of cardiac machines and stents. Experienced EPs provide consultation and guidance to other members of medical staff and these consultants can also carry out research individually or as a member of a small team.


Depending on who is offering the job, additional benefits may include subsidised childcare facilities and accommodation, flexible working hours, occupational pension scheme and further personal development and training opportunities.


Any potential position in London should take into account “London Weighting” -- the allowance paid to people working in the public sector to help with the high cost of living in the capital. Salary for a consultant is often open to negotiation depending upon level of expertise and experience in the field.