The advantages and disadvantages of agendas

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Agendas are planning devices that most businesses and professionals use on a daily basis to ensure organisation and proper communication. Agendas can be helpful when used properly, but they carry certain disadvantages. Such disadvantages may arise if a person becomes too dependent on an agenda or an agenda impedes on the flexibility of his schedules.

Advantage: Organization

Agendas enhance organizational skills. In business meetings, an agenda helps the group of professionals stay on task and address the issues that need immediate attention. As a professional, an agenda can help you keep a record of what you need to do and when it needs to be done. You also can track your progress on work that you have been performing consistently over a period of time.

Advantage: Communication

Agendas also are effective for communication purposes. With businesses and in business meetings, agendas allow professionals from separate divisions and departments to stay in harmony with the progression of company plans. A weekly or monthly agenda shared in a staff meeting can help each employee understand the goals for the desired period of time. For personal agendas, you can keep detailed information about the individuals with whom you will be working with on various projects.

Disadvantage: Flexibility

Though agendas help you stay organised, they may impede on the flexibility of your schedule. If a company enforces a strict schedule based on an agenda, the professionals lose their ability to work flexibly and independently. Additionally, you may find that personal agendas are difficult to work through when your personal issues arise unexpectedly. Agendas also may cause leisure scheduling conflicts. If you create an agenda for the week with goals set each day and a friend invites you out one night, then you find difficulty in sticking to your agenda and creating personal time.

Disadvantage: Dependence

Agendas also can cause chaos if a business or individual is too dependent on them. If a business relies on weekly or monthly agendas to set goals for the professionals, then the workers may grow dependent and fail to create their own goals. With heavy reliance on agendas, a misplaced agenda can cause someone's life to spin into chaos. If you are accustomed to planning your days out in advance and you do not have access to the plans you created, you may feel overwhelmed.

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