How to Pack Envelopes at Home and Get Paid

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You can make some extra cash from your home by stuffing envelopes, but the job comes with risks. Scam artists often target this line of work and rip off the workers. However, with a bit of knowledge, you can avoid the scams, pack envelopes for legitimate companies and get paid on time.

Avoid envelope-packing scams. In many cases, the rip-off requires you to pay a processing fee or buy a starter's kit before you can start packing envelopes. Once your money is gone, you will learn that to make money you must post your own advertisement and receive money from respondents.

Ask the right questions. Not all envelope-packing businesses are scams. Ask direct and appropriate questions once you find a company you think is legitimate: How are earnings determined? Who will be pay you and when? What are the job requirements? What is the starting cost and membership fee? Mark it as a scam and move on if you're not satisfied with the answers, or if it sounds too good to be true.

Contact the Better Business Bureau, your state's Attorney General's office or a consumer-protection agency to investigate any envelope packing-jobs you come across. This will give you information on complaints, lawsuits and investigations launched against the company. Move along if any red flags pop up.

Develop your own envelope-packing business. Make it legal by filing with your state and paying required fees. Make a marketing packet to pass along to local businesses. Let them know you're there, legal and willing to work hard. Target businesses that have just opened or don't have the staff to mail out mass letters. Promote holiday deals for greeting cards. Come up with a special twist to make your business stand out, such as custom envelopes or handwritten addressing.

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