How to Write a Letter Introducing My Maintenance Company to Prospective Clients

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Letters can mean business, so writing a short, sharp, punchy letter introducing your maintenance company to prospective clients is a great way to create a good impression and to get your foot in the door. Spending time crafting a letter of introduction that you can modify to suit the specifics of each recipient is a good business investment. Introductory letters add a personal touch and indicate your attention to service. Recipients are also more likely to file introductory letters for future reference than brochures.

Identify exactly which services your maintenance company offers. Design a list of services and present them as bullet-points: 24/7 emergency repairs, glass replacement, carpentry repairs, water clean-up, lock and door repairs.

Do your research on prospective clients. Personalise each letter and indicate what you can offer them in relation to their businesses. Identify the best person to whom you should address the letter. For small businesses, it might be the owner or president. For larger corporations, the head of the human resources department might be the contact person.

Keep the letter short. Limit your introductory letter to one page and maintain a businesslike tone.

Set your draft letter aside for at least 24 hours and then review it. Have a friend or colleague with good editing skills check it for accuracy, spelling and grammar.

Print the letter on letterhead. Be sure the letter is properly laid out and leave adequate space for margins. Use a letter template if you aren't sure how to set it up yourself.

Determine the method of delivery. Decide if you are going to mail the letters or if you are going to deliver them to prospective clients in person. The latter method may give you an opportunity to meet the person who arranges maintenance.

Follow up with a phone call. Identify yourself to the person you sent or delivered the letter to and explain that it is a courtesy call to remind them that you are available, should they require your services. Offer to answer any questions about your business. Thank the person for their time.

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