How to write a 200 to 300 word reflection on your writing

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A short reflection on a larger piece of writing may be required when your work is reviewed by a group. Reflection essays are also helpful when sharing in working groups or when seeking editorial advice. Some writers compose reflection pieces as a tool to help sharpen the creative process and keep the larger work focused. A good reflection essay examines the motives for the larger work and analyses the effectiveness of that work in fulfilling those motives.

Draft an outline of your large writing project. Pay close attention to the larger objectives of the work and the ways that each minor element serves those objectives.

Write an introduction explaining your motivation for beginning to work on your chosen subject.

Describe the decisions that were made during the writing process. Pay special attention to steps that were taken to sharpen the focus of the work.

Describe the lessons learnt in the process of writing and the ways that these lessons changed you as a person and a writer.

Compare your early goals for the writing project to the finished product.

Summarise your perception of the project and the impact that you hope that it will have.

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