How to Make Padded Undergarments

Updated July 20, 2017

Padded underwear can be used to protect the back and spine when the wearer must sit all day, especially on hard surfaces such as benches and bicycle seats. They are also useful for body-conscious people looking to enhance their figures. You can adjust regular underwear into padded underwear tailored specifically for your figure and do this from your own home.

Buy foam pads designed to boost the rear and hips, such as the ones at websites Feel Foxy or Silicone Body.

Check where the pads look best on your hindquarters by pinning them securely onto your chosen panties and checking the fit in a mirror. Since everyone's rear is shaped a little differently, only you'll know when the pads are in the perfect place. If you are padding for comfort, sit down to make sure you're cushioned. Draw a light line with your marking tool around the pads when you're sure they're in the best possible location. Unpin the pads.

Cut out fabric to make a pocket the pads will slip inside, about 1/4-inch larger than the line you've drawn so that the pads can fit but won't easily fall out.

Sew the fabric where indicated by the line you drew earlier, leaving one side open for the pads to be inserted and removed. If you like, wash off the line you drew in step two but it should come off in the wash.

Choose the material you want to pad with. Bra padding can be the same foam rubber or silicone used for the underwear in the first section, but it doesn't need to be. An old pair of blazer shoulder pads or even cotton stuffing will work just as well.

Place the padding in the inside cup of the bra and pin it down. Sew in place along the pad's edges where the bra is already stitched to hide the pad's placement. Remove the pins.

If your pads aren't big or solid enough to be sewn along the bra's edges, seal them into the bra by sewing another piece of fabric atop them. Like the panties, you can leave one side open to take the pads out if they're non-washable material that needs to be removed before laundering. Trim any extra material from the edges.


You can pad almost any type of underwear: slimming, high-waisted, long underwear, etc. The only type of undergarment to avoid is loose, baggy underwear such as boxers, which will not keep the pads in place.


Do not wash the foam pads; they retain water. Take them out before washing the underwear, and avoid using them at all for bras if you plan to sew the pads in.

Things You'll Need

  • Extra fabric, in the same colour as your chosen undergarments
  • Foam rubber or silicone pads
  • Sewing kit
  • Safety pins
  • Marking tool, such as a wax crayon pencil, disappearing ink or other non-permanent writing implement
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