Why does my bra ride up in the front?

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According to leading department store House of Fraser, around 80 percent of British women wear the wrong bra size. If your bra is riding up in the front, there is a simple explanation for this: it doesn't fit! Finding out what size bra you should be wearing is the first step towards eliminating this problem.

Getting measured

The best way to find out your proper bra size is to go to a specialist lingerie shop or the lingerie department in a large department store. If you're unable to do this, you can measure yourself at home. Wearing your normal (unpadded) bra, measure around your rib cage using a soft tape measure. Make a note of the measurement, then refer to the bra fitting guidelines on the House of Fraser website to work out your bra size. For example, if your rib cage measures 75 cm, your bra size is 34. To measure your cup size, measure your chest where it is fullest. Refer to the House of Fraser bra fitting guidelines to work out your cup size. For example, if your bra size is 34 and your chest measurement is 92 cm, your cup size is C.


Bra straps should be adjusted to fit you properly. To do this, adjust them until you can comfortably slide your finger under them and rest it on your shoulder. You should be able to take your finger out easily, and the strap should remain in place. If the strap cuts into your finger, it is too tight. If it slips off your shoulder when you take your finger away, it is too big. The back of your bra should also be adjusted to fit. You should be able to hook it fastened comfortably without any discomfort. If any bulges appear, it is too tight. If you lift your arms up and the back of your bra rides up, it is too loose.

Cup size

With your bra straps and back adjusted to fit, the cups should lie smooth against your breasts. If the bra is underwired, the wire should run flat right around your ribcage and breastbone. If your bra cups are cutting into your breasts and you can see your breasts spilling out of the top or sides of the bra, the cup size is too small. If there is excess room in the cups, or your bra rides up at the front when you lift up your arms, the cup size is too large.


According to the Bra Doctor's Blog, many women have uneven breasts. For some women, the difference in size between the breasts is minimal, but for others it can be more apparent. If only one bra cup is too large, go for a padded bra with removable pads and keep the pad in the smaller breast's cup. Bra pads are available from good lingerie stores and can increase cup size by up to two full sizes. Remember that you may take another size in a different shape, cut or fabric of bra, or if you go to a different store. Get your breasts measured regularly, as it is normal for bra size to change, particularly after losing or gaining weight, following an exercise regime, having a baby and breastfeeding.