How to Use the S10 NBC Respirator

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The S10 respirator, manufactured by Avon Protection Systems, was designed for the United Kingdom armed forces for use in chemical, biological, radiological and nuclear situations. It can be purchased by the general public from army surplus outlets or direct from the manufacturer's approved distributors.

It is an effective "gas mask," and has been designed to be simple and robust. The S10 respirator is manufactured in four sizes; the size number of the respirator is embossed on the inside right of the rubber mask. If the mask does not fit, the respirator will not work.

Pull the six rubber straps away from the face mask. Position the mask over your chin, and move on to your cheeks and forehead. Position the straps to fit around the back of the head. Spread out the straps evenly from the central rubber section. The underside of your chin, your cheekbones and your forehead should be enclosed by the rubber mask.

Block the canister with the palm of your hand and breathe in to check the air seal of the mask. The mask should not allow any air intake but should "suck" against your face.

Adjust the straps so the mask is not too tight or too loose. It should not move if you move your head from side to side. Remove the mask and lift the T-shaped clasp on the strap. Move the rubber strap in or out. Replace the clasp.

Put the small tube inside the mask into your mouth. Unclip the tube drinking coupler from the underside of the speech module. This can be inserted into the 58-pattern black water bottles used by the British Army. Practice drinking while wearing the mask, holding the water bottle upside down. Replace the drinking coupler. Test whether the canister can be replaced by unscrewing it, and then replacing it several times. Some of these operations are best done with help from another.

Practice putting the mask on within 10 seconds from start to finish. Hold your breath, put on the mask and forcefully breathe out once. This will clear the canister. Continue breathing in the normal way.