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Bullworker X5 Exercises

Updated April 17, 2017

The Bullworker X5 is an exercise contraption that uses the principles of isometrics and isotonics, where muscles are worked by continuous tension rather than movement. The Bullworker X5 was introduced in the 1980s to replace the older Bullworker from the 1960s, according to Reference.com, which used cords instead of the easier-to-grasp straps. People can perform dozens of exercises for their entire body with the Bullworker X5.

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Chest Compression Exercise

Grab both outside handles of your Bullworker X5. Raise the unit up so that it is directly in front of your chest. Keep both arms bent at a 45-degree angle, with the bottoms of both arms and forearms parallel to the floor. Compress the two metal tubes slowly inward, using about 70 per cent of your strength. Hold that position for six to eight seconds, then relax. Repeat the movement for a total of three sets, as this will better help maximise results for building your pectoral muscles. Breathe normally throughout the exercise--never hold your breath.

Lat Squeeze

Place the bottom end of the Bullworker X5 in your left hand. Position the Bullworker X5 against the top of your left thigh, with your finger knuckles pressed against your abdomen. Grab the top end of the contraption with your right hand. Bend forward slightly as you compress the unit against your thigh, exerting tension on your right lat muscle, the side muscle that sticks out under your armpit. Hold that position for six to eight seconds, then relax. Perform two more sets the same way.

Triceps Push Down

Kneel on a carpet or mat and place the bottom handle of the Bullworker X5 on the carpet against both knees. Place both hands on top of the upper handle, one hand over the other. Press the Bullworker X5 down slowly and as far as possible, using about 70 per cent of your strength. Hold that position for six to eight seconds for maximum triceps contractions. Repeat the exercise two more times.

Biceps Squeeze

Grab the bottom handle of your Bullworker X5 with your right hand while standing, using an underhand grip. Grab the top of the unit, using an overhand grip, with your right hand. Compress the upper part of the Bullworker X5 with the biceps strength of your right arm, while simultaneously pulling the top of the unit downward. Hold that position for six to eight seconds for an isometric contraction of your right bicep muscle. Switch hands and perform the same exercise while contracting your right bicep. Do three total sets with each arm.

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