How to Turn on a Slendertone

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The manufacturer claims that the Slendertone toning belt offers a way to help you tone your abdominal muscles using electronic muscle stimulation. Slendertone is easy to set up, and once you switch it on, signals are sent through the belt to nerves in your abdominal muscles, causing them to contract. The contraction and relaxation of your abdominal muscles mimics the action of a sit-up, according to the company, giving your abs a workout. "Gymbody" recommends that you undertake a healthy eating plan in conjunction with exercise to maximise your results.

Remove the battery cover from the front of the Slendertone Gymbody Plus unit by pressing back on the plastic clip.

Insert three AAA 1.5V batteries into the unit, making sure they are in the correct position. Close the battery cover.

Connect the Slendertone Gymbody Plus unit to the toning belt. Locate the connecting pin on the toning belt on the side with the yellow stitching, then press the Slendertone Gymbody Plus unit down firmly.

Position the three pads onto the belt on the side with the silver studs. Remove the plastic cover of the square pad from the patterned side. Affix the square pad facing down onto the belt aligning it between the white guidelines and over the silver stud. The black side of the pad should face you.

Remove the plastic cover from the patterned side of the two oval pads. Place them over the guidelines depending on your waist size. Make sure you cover the silver studs, with the black side facing you.

Wrap the belt around your waist with the large pad on your navel and the two smaller pads on either side of your hips. Fasten the belt around your waist so it fits snugly.

Switch on your Slendertone. Press the on/off button for two seconds and keep it pressed until you see three yellow lights. The lights will switch off after three seconds and be replaced by a single green light that indicates your Slendertone is on.

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