How to Get Rid of the Heavy Interference Sound on the Uniden Cordless Phone

Updated March 23, 2017

Many wireless products such as the Uniden cordless phone may experience heavy sound interference, especially if it shares the same radio frequency as many other products located near the handset. If the static on your phone is becoming a nuisance, there are a few ways that you can troubleshoot the problem to correct it.

Change the channel on your phone. Depending upon the model of your device, you can press the "Chan" key until you reach a frequency with less interference. On some models, you must press the "Menu" key and select "Clarity Boost." This will reset the channel automatically.

Move closer to your phone base and further away from any other electronics, such as your radio, computer or television. Separating yourself from these items while you are using your cordless phone may get rid of interference.

Charge your cordless phone battery. If your battery is almost drained, it may cause interference on your line. You can charge your phone by sitting the handset inside the phone base, which is plugged into a wall outlet.

Attach a filter to your phone lines if your cordless phone is connected to a router or DSL modem. The interference between these two devices can cause interference on your cordless phone.

Check your outside Network Interface Device. The NID is the grey box provided by your telephone company that is usually located outside of your home. Remove the screws and lift up the opening. Locate the phone jack and remove the line connector from inside the jack. Insert the connector into a landline phone. Place a call. If you still hear static on your line, contact your telephone service provider to check the wiring.

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