How to Find Out Who Called My Landline

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Not every land line phone has the Caller ID feature, so if you miss a call because you were out of your home at the time of a call, it can be annoying to wonder who called. Even without Caller ID, you can find out who called your land line. By clicking a few buttons on your phone, you can retrieve the last number that called your land line.

Pick up your phone and press 69 on your phone pad to retrieve the caller information from the last caller. 69 is a specific command code, also called "last call return," and is available through most phone companies. Be aware that you may have to pay a small fee for dialling *69.

Write down the phone number the automated voice reveals. The phone number given is the last phone number to call your land line. This feature cannot retrieve any number called prior to the last number.

Search for the phone number in your contact book to see if the phone number belongs to someone you know.

Locate the phone number using on line phone number directories, such as, or, if you do not recognise the number. Doing a reverse lookup using a phone number will bring up the name of the person who has called you if registered or listed.

Open your favourite search engine and type in the phone number if the phone number is not listed. The search results can reveal whether the phone number is from a larger company. You may also find forums where people who have also received calls from the number discuss its origins and purpose of calling.

Contact your land line telephone provider to obtain your phone records if you are looking for older calls. While this may not be possible with all telephone service providers, some will print and send you a copy of your phone records for a fee.

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