How to Clean an HP LaserJet 4250

Updated February 21, 2017

Because the LaserJet 4250 printer uses toner to print, loose toner can accumulate on interior and exterior printer surfaces, as well as on areas under and around the device. The loose toner, along with other debris, can adversely affect print quality and eventually damage the printer if allowed to build up. As a result, you should clean the printer at least two times a month, or more frequently depending on the level of accumulation.

Turn off and unplug your LaserJet 4250 printer. Remove any paper in the paper trays and set it aside.

Lift up the control panel/top cover assembly. Pull the toner cartridge from its cavity inside the printer. Place it in a black plastic bag and set it aside, or place it on a few sheets of paper on your tabletop, then completely cover it with paper.

Wipe away any toner, paper particles or other debris from surfaces inside the toner cartridge cavity and in the paper trays with your lint-free cloths. Use multiple cloths to pick up as much debris as possible. Set the dirty cloths aside to clean later.

Return the toner cartridge to your printer. Dispose of the black plastic bag or knock any toner on the paper into the trash. Lower the top cover carefully to its original position.

Clean the exterior of the printer and the desk or tabletop with dry, lint-free cloths. Wipe the surfaces again with a clean, slightly damp cloth, then dry the surfaces thoroughly with another cloth. Set the cloths aside to clean later.

Plug the printer back in and turn it on. Reload the paper. Remove the duplex printing unit if applicable.

Push the "Menu" button. Scroll down to "CONFIGURE DEVICE" on the display with the "Down Arrow" button. Push "Select" to go to the next screen.

Highlight and select "PRINT QUALITY" on that screen. Highlight and select "PROCESS CLEANING PAGE" on the next screen.

Wait for a cleaning page to print and then dispose of the page. Use your printer as desired.


Touching the printer's interior with your bare hands can damage your printer and affect print quality. Only touch the interior with the dry cloths. Never use abrasives, acids or ammonia to clean your LaserJet 4250 printer. Use of hot water to clean the printer or your hands can activate toner fusing it to surfaces. Only use cool water. Water can seep under the control panel. Always squeeze out excess water from the damp cloth before use. Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and cool water immediately after cleaning your printer.

Things You'll Need

  • Black plastic bag
  • Lint-free cloths
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