Chicco Stroller Instructions

Chicco strollers and travel systems are popular with parents because they can use them for newborns through the preschool years. In fact, the Chicco Cortina stroller can be used for children up to 22.7 Kilogram. If you have purchased one of these strollers, you might be overwhelmed by its features. Using it correctly, though, can prevent injuries and keep the stroller in excellent condition.

Attach the parent's tray. Without it, you will not be able to unfold your Chicco stroller.

Pull the tray's handle to open the stroller, which should be completely open before you attach other pieces, such as the canopy or child's tray.

Adjust the handle to your height with the tabs on the side of the parent's tray.

Attach the child's tray, which comes with an insert for cup holders, if needed. The side of the tray will attach to the stroller on either side of the child. The tabs on each side will also release the tray. The Chicco owner's manual says to never lift the stroller by the tray. Also keep in mind that the tray is not a restraint device, so make sure that you still buckle up your child, even if you are using the child's tray.

Recline the stroller as far as it will go. The child's tray must also be attached to the stroller.

Unsnap the car seat flaps on either side of the inside the stroller.

Snap the car seat into place and pull on it to make sure it is securely attached, as instructed by the manual.

Remove the car seat by pulling on the release handle at the back and pulling up on the car seat at the same time.


When assembling the stroller, you will know that the wheels are correctly installed when you hear a snap. The Chicco's front wheels lock for use on uneven terrain, according to the manual. Find these levers by the front wheels. Push the lever down to lock the wheels. Only use a Chicco car seat with a Chicco stroller, as directed by the manual.


Do not place more than 1.36 Kilogram in the parent's tray, as this could cause the stroller to tip over. Find the Chicco's brakes on the inside of the rear wheels. Push them down when the stroller is on an incline or if you have stopped moving, to prevent injuries.

Things You'll Need

  • Chicco stroller
  • Chicco car seat, if desired
  • Chicco stroller's owner manual
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