How to Turn Off Fingerprint Software on a Toshiba Satellite Laptop

Updated February 21, 2017

Fingerprint scanning technology can be unreliable. It provides a fast, easy way to access your protected features on your laptop so you don't have to type your password in public places. However, moisture or cuts on your fingers can affect the scanner's ability to recognise your fingerprints, as can weight gain or loss. Some people also simply have trouble running their fingers across the scanner in a way the scanner recognises. For security reasons, you need to scan your fingerprint instead of entering a password to turn off the fingerprint utility. If you cannot get the scanner to read your fingerprint for this purpose, you may need to uninstall the scanner completely.

Click "Start," then "All Programs" on your Toshiba laptop.

Select "TOSHIBA," then click "Utilities" and select the Toshiba fingerprint utility.

Scan your finger to unlock the program, then select "Fingerprint control."

Click "Delete All" in the bottom-right edge of the window, then select "OK" to confirm.

Click "Close," and then "OK" to exit the program.

Click "Start" and select "Control Panel."

Click "Uninstall a Program." In Windows Vista, this may be under "Programs," then "Programs and Features."

Click on "Toshiba Fingerprint Utility" and select "Uninstall."

Restart your computer after the uninstallation is complete.

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