How to Reset the HP Recovery Media Creator Count

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The HP Recovery Media Creator allows you to create a set system of recovery discs using blank CDs or DVDs. Many HP desktops do not contain a manufactured restoration disc. This software replaces the manufactured disc and lets you, the owner, create your own set of recovery discs. However, only one complete set of recovery CDs can be created. If you need to create a new set of recovery discs using the HP Recovery Media Creator, there is a way to reset the counter and re-enable the disc creation.

Download the patch from Code Retard. When prompted, save the file onto your computer's hard drive.

Extract the file to your desktop by right-clicking it and selecting the "Extract To" option. Extract the file to an accessible location on your computer, such as your desktop.

Install the patch by double-clicking the "ResetRMC.exe" file on your desktop. Follow the necessary directions to correctly install the file.

Open the HP Recovery Disc Creation program on your computer. Click the "Windows" icon on the bottom left corner of the screen and type in "HP Recovery" as keywords.

Follow the instructions of the HP Recovery Media Creator to create a new set of recovery discs for your computer.

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