How to Refill an Epson SX200 Ink Cartridge

Updated February 21, 2017

When the ink cartridges near empty, you will notice that it might be time to replace the cartridge by the print on your page not being clear, or because your printer will either beep or send a status message on the front. Once you begin replacing the ink cartridge(s), all the steps must be completed during the replacement session. If you find that the ink needs replacing in the middle of a job, cancel the job and change the cartridges, and then return to the start of the printing project.

Wait for solid light to come on, and then lift the scanner head.

Locate the cartridge(s) to be replaced by noticing where the print head is located. It will move to the cartridge that needs replacing and then to the next one. Once the print head is finished identifying all the cartridges that need replacing, it moves back to a replacement position.

Squeeze the tabs of the cartridge to be removed, lift it out and set it aside.

Open the vacuum-sealed cartridge, and shake vigorously. Remove the yellow tape on the bottom, and insert the cartridge into place, pressing until you hear a click. Repeat this process for each cartridge that needs replacing.

Close the lid, and press "Charge Ink," and a "Finished" light will appear when the charge is complete. If the lid does not close easily, check to make sure each cartridge is securely in place, and then try again.

Begin printing.

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