How to Find Track Information on a CD

Written by tammy dahlvang | 13/05/2017
How to Find Track Information on a CD
Discover the artist, CD title and track information for all of your music. (Tsuneo Yamashita/Digital Vision/Getty Images)

If you use Windows Media Player on your computer, you can probably find the track information for an original CD by merely inserting the CD into your CD-ROM. If you've copied the CD from an original, or downloaded music from the Internet, you may find "unknown artist" displayed in your media player's CD track information. If this is the case, you can use the media player Winamp to locate your CD track information. Winamp will automatically identify any music you add to your Winamp library, using the Gracenote music database.

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM player.

Open Windows Media Player and play the CD.

Click on the "Rip" tab at the top of the Windows Media Player display. A picture of the CD's album cover will appear on the left-hand side, and all of the track information will be displayed.

Download and install Winamp Media Player, following the prompts of the installation software.

Insert the CD into your CD-ROM, if you have an actual CD, and Winamp will access the track information from Gracenote.

Click on "File" in the upper left-hand corner on the Winamp display, if you do not have a physical CD but are looking for information about music that has already been downloaded onto your computer. Scroll down to "Add Media to Library." You will be directed to choose a file from your computer to download.

Click the file from your computer that contains the music you want to find information about and add it to your Winamp library. Winamp will add the music to your library and will automatically look up the artist's name and the CD track information using the music database "Gracenote."

Click "Play" to play your music. The artist, album and title will appear.

Download FreeDB using the link in Resources. Follow the prompts to install it, and then use this database to identify your music. FreeDB is a large file (more than 500MB) that can take some time to download.

Use the Audiotag website (see link in Resources) to upload and identify your music. Follow the prompts to upload the music, and see if Audiotag can use their database to identify it.

Access "Find the CD" (see Resources) and enter the information you already know about your CD.

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