How to Save Your Favorites to a Memory Stick

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Once you have used an Internet browser for a period of time, you invariably accumulate an extensive collection of favourites or bookmarks. These favourites are the websites you visit often or that you do not wish to lose track of in the huge expanse of the Internet.

If you wish to use your favourites on a different computer, you can save your favourites onto your hard drive and then transfer the file to a memory stick.

Open the Internet browser with the favourites or bookmarks you wish to save. In Firefox, click "Bookmarks" and then "Organize Bookmarks." Click "Import and Backup" and then select "Export HTML." Select the destination where you wish to save the bookmarks and click "Save." In Internet Explorer, click the "Favorites" tab and select "Add to Favorites." Select "Import and Export" and then select "Export to a File." Next, place a check mark to the left of "Favorites" and click "Next." Select the folder you want to export, click "Next" and then select the location where you wish to save the favourites. Click "Export" and then click "Finish."

Insert the memory stick into the appropriate port of your computer.

Right-click on the bookmark or favourite file and select "Send To."

Select the memory stick from the list that appears and click "OK."

Wait while the favourites transfer to the memory stick.

Click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon from your system tray and wait until you see the message that tells you it is safe to remove the memory stick. Remove the memory stick from your computer.