How to adjust a speidel twist watch band

Speidel has been manufacturing fashionable watch bands and costume jewellery since 1920. The Speidel Twist O Flex watch band is a stretchable metal expansion band that can be adjusted to give your watch a custom fit. Adjusting a Speidel Twist O Flex watch at home can save you time and money compared to having the adjustment completed by a professional jeweller.

Make your adjustment at the centre of the watch band. Expand the bottom of the flexible watch band to reveal the small metal tabs that hold the topshell pieces in place. Use the tip of an optical-sized flathead screwdriver to straighten the metal tabs. Note that Speidel's Twist O Flex bands for men have four metal tabs while ladies bands have only two. Stretch the band again to allow the disconnected topshell piece to drop out. Reserve the piece for when you are ready to reassemble the band.

Count the number of links that you want to remove from the watch band and then repeat Step 1 to remove the corresponding topshell piece. For example, if you were removing three band links, you would count two topshell pieces over and remove the third topshell piece.

Use the optical-sized flathead screwdriver to bend down the tabs on the edges of the links between the two removed topshell pieces. Push the links with the flattened tabs in the direction indicated by the arrows on the back of the watch band to remove them from the band.

Remove the loose metal staple at the end of the one of the band halves; set the staple aside. Align the exposed ends of the watch band and slide them back together. Reinsert the removed metal staple with a pair of needle-nose tweezers. Bend up the flattened tab on the edge of the band to hold the staple piece in place.

Replace the reserved topshell piece over the exposed area of the watch band. Expand the watch band until the topshell piece seats itself. Bend down the metal tabs to hold the topshell piece in place.


Reserve removed Speidel Twist-O-Flex links to serve as replacement links for future watch band adjustments or repairs.


Speidel cautions that adjusting your Speidel Twist O Flex watch band yourself may void its warranty. Contact Speidel directly for more watch repair and warranty information.

Things You'll Need

  • Optical-sized flathead screwdriver
  • Needle-nose tweezers
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