How to Make Tab Dividers Word 2007

Updated February 21, 2017

Tab dividers are used to organise paperwork in filing cabinets and binders. You can type the labels for each divider onto your computer to give your files a cleaner look. Microsoft Word 2007 includes tab-divider templates with predefined dimensions. You can customise these label based on the type of tabs that you want to create. To save time, you can save the labels for a future project.

Open a new document in Word 2007. Select the "Mailings" tab and choose "Labels" from the "Create" group. The "Envelopes and Labels" dialogue box opens.

Click the "Options" button at the bottom of the dialogue box. The "Label Options" dialogue box opens.

Go to the "Label products" section and select "Avery US Letter" from the "Label vendors" drop-down list.

Go to the "Product number" section and select a setting from "11101" through "11124," depending on the type of tab dividers that you want to create. Click "OK" to close the "Label Options" dialogue box.

Click the "New Document" button to add the divider tabs to your page.

Place your cursor within a blank cell of the divider-tab template and type in your first entry. Move to the next cell to continue entering your data.


For other options, open the "Label Options" dialogue box (see Steps 2 and 3) and choose "Avery A4/A5" from the "Label vendors" drop-down list. Go to the "Product number" section and select "L7406-12," "L7410-10," "L7410-12," "L7410-5," "L7411-10," "L7411-12," L7411-15," "L7411-5," "L7411-JD," "L7412-10," "L7412-12," "L7412-5," "L7412-8," "L7416-10," "L7416-12," "L7416-5," "L7430-5," "L7430-8," "L7451-10," "L7451-5," "L7452-10," "L7452-12" or "L7452-5." The number following the dash (in the product number) represents the type of tab divider you're creating -- a 5-, 8-, 10-, 12- or 15-tab divider.

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