How to Install Bit Torrent Without Admin Privileges

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Traditionally, running Windows XP as a "computer administrator" was an unfortunate necessity. It used to be the only way some programs would work, with games as the most notorious example. However, because of rising occurrences of identity theft, the need to limit system access to essential functions is significant. Users are advised to have two accounts: a "limited account" for daily work and a "computer administrator" account for system functions, such as hardware installation and maintenance. However, if you borrow the privileges of your computer administrator account, you can install software while logged on with a limited account.

Log on with the limited account name and password. Open a browser and navigate to the "Download BitTorrent" page. Click "Free Download."

If a "File Download-Security Warning window appears, click "Save," and assign the download to a folder such as "My Documents\Downloads." Open the downloaded file. If "Open File-Security Warning" windows appear, click "Run."

Select "the following user" radio button in the "Run As" dialogue box. Select your administrator account name from the drop-down box. Enter the account password and click "OK." The installation can now use administrative access privileges as necessary.

Complete the installation wizard. It should take a couple of minutes. The wizard includes destination folder and Start menu item assignment pages, plus options to install the toolbar and to make your default search engine and home page. NONE of the options are required to use BitTorrent.

Confirm that the "Start BitTorrent" option is checked before you click "Finish" on the last wizard screen. Click "OK" when the "Windows Security Alert" appears to adjust Windows Firewall to work with BitTorrent. BitTorrent opens and a new icon appears on your system tray.

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