How to Enter the Service Mode for a Canon IR C3200

Updated April 17, 2017

The Canon ImageRunner 3200 is a digital multifunctional device that produces copies or prints in both black and white and full colour. The 3200 can be configured as a copier, network printer and network scanner. As with all Canon copiers, the 3200 has a service mode that can be entered to clear codes or to make system-wide setting changes.

Press the "*" key. The Canon 3200 has a keypad on the right side of the main copier panel.

Immediately after releasing the "*" key, press and hold down the "2" and "8" keys simultaneously.

Press the "" key again. After releasing the keys used in Step 2, pressing the "" will bring you into the service mode on the Canon 3200 copier.


Be careful when changing settings in service mode---making some changes can adversely effect the performance of the 3200.

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