How to Clean Clogged HP Print Cartridge Heads

Updated February 21, 2017

HP is a company that sells many printer models. These models can print either colour or black and white pages. The performance of the printer will depend on the HP model you purchase. However, there is a general cleaning process for all HP print cartridge heads that is recommended by HP. Cleaning the print cartridge head of your printer will help improve the quality of the pages you print. The same process can be followed for both the black and the colour print cartridge head.

Hold onto the HP print cartridge head firmly as you clean. Always grip it by the coloured cap to protect it.

Dampen a cotton swab. Make sure it's not dripping water.

Locate the nozzle plate on your HP print cartridge head. It is the darkened square on the protruding portion of the print cartridge head.

Wipe the cotton swab across all areas of the HP print cartridge head except for the nozzle plate. Hold the cartridge head in bright light to make sure you remove all debris.

Things You'll Need

  • Cotton swab
  • Water
  • Light
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